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Warrior Seaplane


The major advantages provided by the Centaur concept over existing seaplanes are typically:

1. Access to about FIVE TIMES as many coastal facilities
The wings can be folded to within the beam of the sponsons. Using a water-thruster it can be steered accurately, safely and quietly amongst other boats on to confined docks or into marina berths.

2. Operations in typically twice as large waves
Both a smooth ride in extreme waves and forgiving water handling qualities arise from the Centaur concept's new hull forms.

3. Exceptionally high load capacity and payload range
New levels of hull efficiency combined with high aerodynamic lift and reduced engineering content in the hull, together enable substantially greater useful load capacity and typically 60% to 100% greater range-with-payload in relation to similarly powered aircraft.

4. Exceptional volume and superb on-water platform
The central cabin has a large and versatile internal volume. The stub-wings provide for easy cabin access for passengers and cargo, and a platform for all manner of on-water functions for work and recreation.

5. Exceptional safety

The Centaur concept's safety advantages include:

These are significant life-saving advantages over both seaplanes and landplanes

6. Lower operating costs

Major cost savings in relation to conventional seaplanes are expected from:

These advantages are expected to increase the competitiveness of fresh-water seaplane operators by at least 20 percent, and 40 percent where longer haul operations are concerned. On tropical salt-water, life-cycled costs-per-seat-mile are expected to be in the order of half those encountered by operators of existing seaplanes.